Raising a Globally Competitive Child with a Positive Mindset (Part 3) – Teaching children about Racism

11 months ago
As an extension of our multi-series article on “How to raise a globally competitive child with a positive mindset,” we will discuss the importance of educating our children at an early age about racism.  This is a sensitive and complex topic that is rarely discussed within a household with young children. What is racism? Firstly, […]
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Meet preschool education enthusiast Mr Anthony – The founder of Little Sage International Preschool in Singapore

1 year ago
A former private equity and hedge fund investor who has worked in various roles in the financial sector, Anthony shares with us why he chose to enter the preschool industry upon his retirement. Education to Anthony is about educating children to come up with ways to resolve real-world problems. Both he and his wife have […]
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